Design Education

To meet tomorrow's economic demands, we need design as a strategic asset to lead innovation in the workplace and chart rewarding careers.
Hone your talent

and turn creativity into a successful career in design

Nurture a design mindset

and skills to do meaningful work across industries

Secure viable career options

in a competitive innovation-driven economy

Get started

A selection of tools and ready-to-use templates that you can use to make an informed decision and as a source of inspiration.

Benefit from our design for education initiatives

Become a dynamic design leader across disciplines and be a part of Singapore’s design-empowered workforce.

For students and industry professionals

DesignSingapore Scholarship

The DesignSingapore Scholarship is for students and industry professionals who intend to pursue full-time design studies.

For industry professionals

SkillsFuture Study Award for Design

The design sector is constantly evolving, and designers now play expanded roles in the economy as they are increasingly employed beyond design services.

For professionals and businesses

School of X

The School of X is a real-world open learning platform that teaches anyone to design solutions to social challenge, with lasting impact.

Design Education Summit

Learn from leading design practitioners and top educators as they share best practices in design education.

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