Design Think Tank 2021


Launched as a partnership between DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) and IPI Singapore (IPI), the Design Think-Tank is a networking and open innovation platform that seeks to open new conversations between corporations/companies, and design and technology communities.

Businesses have traditionally tackled issues by either resolving them in-house or engaging an external group of stakeholders.

But with the Design Think Tank, potential new synergies between designers and technologists can be sparked to address corporates’ various challenge statements.

How does Design Think Tank work

Companies will share their respective challenge statements on 29 September 2021 during a virtual briefing session at the TechInnovation 2021. You may refer to Day 2’s agenda here. To attend the virtual briefing, you can sign up here.

Who is this for

We are calling for designers and technologists who are keen to come together to respond to the challenges. We believe such cross-pollination of expertise is what defines the essence of open innovation, so this platform helps to facilitate that.


Interested designers and technologists are not required to and should not submit proposals that would contain sensitive IP. You should submit:

  • One to two page document that outlines your thoughts on addressing a specific challenge statement

  • A portfolio deck that showcase relevant capabilities and past works/examples

Through Design Think Tank, you will also be given the option to connect with new synergistic partners that could complement your solutions and offerings, to spark new ideas. Dsg and IPI will match potential partners based on the challenge statement.

For example, a design agency could be willing to explore partnerships with a technology company or vice versa.

Once both parties are agreeable to be matched, Dsg and IPI will then broker the conversation between the potential partners.

Companies with the challenge statements, and the design and technology firms are then free to take their conversations further.


So here’s how the process would look like:

  1. Participating companies will share more about their challenge statements on 29 September 2021 at TechInnovation 2021.

  2. Interested designers and technologists may take this opportunity to clarify on the scope of the challenge statement and any other related matters.

  3. Designers and technologists may register interest by using this form. The challenge will close on 31 January 2022.

Challenge statements

We have challenge statements from:

  • Gloobe Pte Ltd
  • Food Culture Singapore
  • Tsao Foundation

Click here to view details into each organisation's challenge statement.

How to apply

  • For companies keen to share challenge statements on this platform, please email
  • For designers and technologists keen to respond to the challenges, please register your interest to participate here.

Note: The challenge will close on 31 January 2022.

Click here for FAQs on Design Think Tank 2021. You may also refer to the Terms of Use here.

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