"Outside the Box" Docu-series


Watch this five-part Viddsee Original series, "Outside the Box", and be inspired by how six Singaporeans of varied backgrounds and industries overcame their unique challenges, and eventually grew their businesses and portfolios using design thinking. 

Episode 1: A Sweet Legacy

Third-generation business owner, John Cheng of Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory used design to help him with product innovation and to enter new markets, from a seemingly traditional product - rock sugar. Today, he has a thriving business and is a catalyst of Singapore's food innovation scene. 


Episode 2: Woodwork Stories

Co-founder of Roger&Sons and a second-gen business owner with two brothers, Ryan Yeo firmly believes in the company's push for excellence in product design and sustainability. And in that design process, he constantly thinks of how their furniture will fit the users, the environment and the space, all while telling a story.


Episode 3: Marrying Sustainability

Husband-and-wife team, Wendy and Gustavo of Forest & Whale, has made it their goal to address sustainability issues through product design innovation. While they try to understand and study consumer behaviour, they want to balance that with technological feasibility and business sense.


Episode 4: The Pocket Zoo

Singapore Zoo continuously innovates to present the idea of a zoo outside of the zoo by understanding and studying consumer behaviour, especially for the younger visitors. Belina Lee, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of Mandai Park Holdings, is instrumental in creating these experiences. So now, you can experience the zoo anywhere!


Episode 5: A Tailored Experience

Nelson Yap, Founder of Benjamin Barker, leveraged service design to redesign the retail chain's culture, while delivering better experiences for their customers at retail stores - not just in Singapore but for their overseas outlets too. Their revenue increased as a result too!

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