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Strengthen your Good Design Research projects with our resource partners

If you’re ready to work on a design challenge but need some extra help in developing your proof of concept, we have resource partners you can work with. Whether it’s boosting your technical capabilities, finding sustainable sources or enhancing accessibility and reach, take a look at what these partners can do for you.

GDR Resource Partners

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A multidisciplinary research laboratory focusing on architecture, science, arts, digital design, and manufacturing. 

Services include:

  1. Concept Design

  2. Prototyping and Concept Development

  3. Proof of Concept and Implementation on-site

Download their brochure here: More info.


Developed a conversational AI technology, ALEF, that overcomes language and communication barriers through automation. Supporting over 30 languages, ALEF can optimise your audio/video content to reach wider audiences more effectively, through an automated process.

Services include:

  1. Audio/Video Content Synchronisation on Major Platforms (eg. Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn)

  2. Subtitling, Transcription and Translation Automation

  3. Audio and Video Localisation Automation

  4. Audio Customisation from a Massive Collection of Background Music

  5. Brand Keywords Customisation

  6. Other Localisation Services

Download their brochure here: More Info


A Singapore-based sustainability-focused start-up with operations in Thailand and Indonesia. They produce end applications from footwears to apparels and furnishings made from pineapple leaf fibers (PALF).

Services include:

  1. Material customisation opportunity

  2. PALF product supply – Ready-to-Spin PALF; and PALF-blended yarns

  3. Expertise in eco-fiber material knowledge

  4. Expertise in sustainable market trends

  5. Global marketing opportunities

Download their brochure here: More info


A non-profit organisation specialising in technological solutions that empowers the social sector. Their mission is to build a caring and inclusive society with equal opportunities for everyone.

Services include:

  1. Validation of ideas through user research and design-thinking  workshops

  2. Conducting research within the social sector

  3. Development of prototypes and defining testing metrics

  4. Creation of a Minimum Viable Product

  5. Live product support

Download their brochure here: More info

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