Business Value of Design


This programme, in partnership with McKinsey Design, leverages McKinsey’s research to help companies identify how they can use design to unlock value and improve their organisations through a human-centred approach.

Registrations to join the programme are now closed, but organisations may still take the McKinsey Design Index (MDI) survey via the link below. 

Who this is for

The Business Value of Design (BVoD) programme is open to all companies, especially those keen on improving their current business operations or innovating in new business areas by becoming more user centric. Design is applicable to all companies and industries. Even companies that don’t have a design team or function can benefit from an assessment via the McKinsey Design Index (MDI). Learn more about McKinsey’s Business Value of Design research here.


To enable participating companies to:

  • Assess their current state of design performance via the MDI online survey;
  • Learn the top 12 key design behaviours showing the greatest correlation of design actions to business performance of leading companies;
  • Identify key areas of improvement in the organisation to adopt these behaviours; and
  • Receive guidance to set the next steps for a key opportunity

Programme outline

The BVoD Programme is now closed, thank you to all who have applied. Dsg is currently evaluating the possibility of a future run.  

Organisations may continue to take the MDI and indicate their interest in future runs via this link. Eligible organisations that complete the MDI via this portal will receive a link to view the BVoD Forum recording, which unpacks the four MDI themes in greater detail. 

Programme Overview 

Organised by DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) in collaboration with McKinsey Design, and supported by the Economic Development Board (EDB), the BVoD programme aims to help Singapore and Singapore-based organisations improve their business performance by leveraging McKinsey’s research and expertise and its proprietary MDI to help organisations solve systemic issues, improve their operations and realise new business opportunities through a human-centred approach. 

Design is key to understanding user needs and creating products or services that meet those needs. This is especially critical in the current challenging economic climate. In a study by McKinsey & Company, companies that delivered exceptional design achieved 32% higher revenue and 56% higher total returns to shareholders than their industry peers.   

The BVoD programme has two phases: 

1) In the first Assess & Reflect phase, companies will assess their company's design performance and learn the key design behaviours most strongly correlated to improved business performance. 

2) In the second Aspire & Act phase, companies will develop a tailored action plan, with guidance from McKinsey Design experts, to improve their approach to a key business challenge. 

Eligibility criteria

The initial MDI online survey is open to all companies with an incorporated entity in Singapore. Selected companies will be invited to participate in subsequent stages of the programme.

How to apply

The programme is currently closed. Organisations may continue to take the MDI and indicate their interest in future runs via the link below. 

Eligible organisations that complete the MDI via this portal will receive a link to view the BVoD Forum recording, which unpacks the four MDI themes in greater detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about the programme? View the frequently asked questions list here. Alternative, you can drop us an email at

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