Good Design Research


This initiative helps designers and design enterprises in Singapore find their unique value proposition in designing for impact through research and experimentation, and a network of knowledge partners.

Who is this for

Practising designers with interest in:

  • design impact exploration and research
  • building innovation into their business
  • cross-industry collaborations


  • Enable designers and design enterprises to gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace with their unique value propositions.
  • Equip them with knowledge, skills, network and resources to develop globally relevant and impactful solutions, while meeting increasingly complex needs of clients.

About the Programme

There is a growing recognition of the role design can play in mitigating the world’s complex issues such as climate change, diversity, national identity and even an ageing population.

To stay relevant, designers will have to relook how, why and what they design; re-examine the materials, technology and processes they work with; and study the impact their works have on individuals, society and the environment.

Engagement & Sharing

Together with industry partners, the DesignSingapore Council will hold monthly engagement and sharing sessions to help designers develop their design impact projects through:

  • Meeting experts in the fields of technology, systems and processes, and identity and culture;
  • Learning about latest innovations, concepts and tools available to designers;
  • Gaining deeper understanding of global issues, challenges and opportunities
  • Exchanging ideas and forming partnerships within a network of impact-driven clients and designers

Seeking Knowledge Partners

The Good Design Research programme is also seeking knowledge partners in our efforts to equip designers with knowledge, skills, networks and resources. If you would like to be part of this initiative and are keen to engage with Singapore's design community email us at 

Examples of profiles that we’re looking for could include:

  • A bold material or digital technology innovator seeking partners to design for new applications
  • A traditional cultural and heritage practioner seeking to work with designers to modernise your craft
  • A first-mover of new systems and/or processes
  • An advocate of social cohesion and inclusivity who would like to inspire designers with your ideas
  • A potential client/venture capitalist looking for innovative solutions or keen engage designers who are driven by design impact

Design challenges to work on

Designers who are keen to work on impactful design projects but are not already addressing a problem statement can reference a list of challenge statements here. Interested designers and design enterprises are welcome to work on these challenge statements and submit a proposal with solutions in the GDR open call.

Develop your prototype with experts

If you’re ready to work on a design challenge but need a partner with technical capabilites, here are some partners with expertise in prototyping and manufacturing.

AIRLAB's AirTable

Company Name Expertise Contact

AIRLAB is a multidisciplinary research laboratory focusing on architecture, science, arts, digital design, and manufacturing. 

  1. Concept Design
  2. Prototyping and Concept Development
  3. Proof of Concept and Implementation on-site

Download their brochure here: More info.


Date Event Name & Details
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Support for exploratory projects

Additionally, we are looking to support exploratory projects in these areas:

Sponsorship Period

The DesignSingapore Council and a panel of independent design experts will select projects that could be supported with funding until the “proof of concept” stage, for a maximum period of 12 months.

Sponsorship Quantum

Dsg will sponsor up to 80% of the qualifying costs for activities essential to deliver the “proof of concept” over a maximum duration of 12 months, capped at S$40,000. 

Projects will be assessed for:

  • Strength and feasibility of proposal;
  • Clarity of commercialisation/publicity plan;
  • Depth of research and approach in addressing a global issue and impact outcomes in any of the following areas:
    1. Enabling economic transformation;
    2. Raising quality of life;
    3. Advancing Singapore’s brand and culture; and
    4. Achieving ground-breaking design achievements
  • Clarity on how the project strengthens the unique value proposition

Designers and design enterprises will be assessed for:

  • Track record of portfolio over the past two years
  • Design ethos that aspires towards design impact

Eligibility critiera for funding support:

  • Practising designers with three years of working experience or more at the time of application;
  • Design enterprises that have been incorporated in Singapore for three years or more at the time of application;
  • Lead applicant must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

How to apply

The application for this round of the Good Design Research initiative has ended. Please stay tuned to our social media channels and eNewsletters to receive updates on the next Open Call in 2021.

If you would like to find out more about the projects we supported from the first open call, you can view the results here and find out more about each of the projects here in this series of stories.

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