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Designing a Loveable Singapore: What and Why?

What is the Loveable Singapore Project about? And why are we doing this? Watch the video to find out more!

The Loveable Singapore Project is an initiative led by the DesignSingapore Council to find out what we love about Singapore and what would make us love Singapore more. Through this study, we hope to define what loveabilty means in Singapore and identify gaps and opportunities for interventions by private and public agencies, as well as communities and individuals.


How can you participate?

If you are interested in joining us on this journey to uncover "loveability" and what it means to Singapore, share with us your stories and experiences by participating in our activities and events this October and November! 

To me, Singapore is...

30 Sep to 31 Nov 2020

To me, Singapore is...

Think about your stories, memories and experiences of living in Singapore and pen down what you love, or don't love, by answering three short, open-ended questions.
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Online Show & Tell

12 Oct to 30 Nov 2020

Online Show & Tell

What does your ideal Singapore look like? What are some places that you love in Singapore? Using photos and videos, answer ten interactive questions in our online platform that depicts your feelings for the city!
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Online Kopi Talk

12 Oct to 30 Nov 2020

Online Kopi Talk

Brew your kopi or teh and come have a chat with us and other fellow residents about your feelings for Singapore. We want to listen to your stories, what you do in the name of love for the city and how we can collectively make Singapore a more loveable place for all.

Register for your slot and in groups of five for each session, questions will be asked over fun games and chit-chat. Non-English speaking sessions will also be organised so please ask your family and friends along!
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Past events

We're running webinars and public events to spark conversations with people from the public, business and community sectors. Watch our previous webinars here, or sign up for the next event through our mailing list.

30 Sep 2020

To Our City, with Love (Part 2 of 2)

Design, policy and environment experts discuss designing for loveability and more innovative and inclusive environments.

31 Aug 2020

To Our City, with Love (Part 1 of 2)

On the agenda: How does loveability shape our experience of cities, and can loveability help us meet our needs and aspirations as a nation?

How this project came about

How this project came about

The vision of Singapore's Design 2025 Masterplan is for Singapore to be a thriving innovation-driven economy and Loveable City by the year 2025. We are poised to achieve the former, with Singapore's well-developed infrastructure, stable government and highly-educated citizenry. However, our success as a nation must also encompass a Singapore where the human spirit flourishes, where we have a deeper sense of emotional attachment and pride to our nation beyond just mere utility or material benefit. This, in a nutshell, is a loveable Singapore. However, the meaning of ‘loveable’ and what it means to have realised it, remains to be explored.

To unpack this, we have formulated two key research questions: What do we love about Singapore and what will make us love the country more? Essentially, how can we meet our needs and aspirations, and transform our nation into a more flourishing, innovative, and resilient home for all?

This is the journey we have taken over the year to uncover loveability in Singapore and we welcome you to join us!


DesignSingapore Council (“DSG”) External Privacy Policy

The DesignSingapore Council (“DSG”) is the lead agency for the “Loveable Singapore” Project. Your personal data privacy is important to us and DSG is highly committed in respecting and managing your Personal Data collected in line with this Policy. For more information on our privacy policy, please refer to our website: The findings from these surveys are purely for DSG's research project “Loveable Singapore”. In the event that some findings are shared, all responses will be anonymised unless we have sought your explicit permission to quote you.

For the Recollective registration page: What does your ideal Singapore look like? What are some places and moments that you love in Singapore? Answer ten interactive questions in our online platform that show your feelings for our city.These multi-media questions will invite you to take photos, film short clips, fill in the blanks and complete interactive activities to show and tell us your experience of Singapore. You will require a smart phone to participate in this. The questions are in English. If you require help in participation, please contact us at

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