Creative Industries and Design

Mar 1, 2008

ST (1 Mar, p H8) reported on 2M's comments that creatively designed recycling bins will be seen later this year at Changi Airport. These are the winning entries of a contest last year for people to re-design public amenities. 2M added that good design is a cause the Government wants to champion and it will encourage more companies to work with local designers to create "more attractive products".

Many of the new opportunities would be where the arts, business and technology intersect. So there will be engineers who appreciate culture and language. This point was also noted in Weekend TODAY (1-2 Mar, p 13). ST noted the joke 2M shared with Minister of Transport that is ERP gantries were more creatively designed, Singaporeans would be less angry with MOT. Weekend TODAY (1-2 Mar, p 12) noted 2M's comments that the creative industries have powerful and direct impact on the rest of the economy - by adding style, aesthetics and freshness to differentiate our products and services. He said that once Singaporeans are recognised for their creative talent, be it in fashion, media or literary arts, the sector will also attract top international talents.

2M also noted that real opportunities lie at the interface of arts, business and technology, and that Singapore has to put these aspects together, with the nation's other unique advantages. ZB (1 Mar, p 10) and BH (1 Mar, p 6) highlighted 2M's comments on the Singaporeans who worked at Google in San Francisco, Shanghai and Beijing, among others. They had been lured by the opportunities which Google offered. 2M called on Singapore companies to provide good career opportunities to retain these talents.

Quoting 2005 statistics, 2M said that the value added per worker in the Creative Industries was approximately $75,000 in 2005 for the creative industries, which was lower than the Singapore average of $86,000 in that same year. He noted that this meant that there was still much progress to be achieved in this sector. In ST (1 Mar, p H9), 2M mentioned that Singapore has improved in world rankings that track how competitive a country's design industry is. The report added that the call to diffuse the arts into Singapore's daily life is a strategy to shape social bonds, make money and distinguish Singapore among the global cities.