Fashioning Local Stories

Aug 20, 2018

If someone asked you to share your Singapore Story, what would you say? Would it be the playing of Capteh with friends or the making of mouth-watering goodies with Grandma? Now, imagine these stories transformed into a piece of clothing, accessory or product. This is what 13 locally-based designers have done as part of Spotlight: Singapore Stories – an initiative by the Textile and Fashion Federation (Taff) and supported by the DesignSingapore Council.



 singapore story taff gif 

Image taken from Spotlight: Singapore Stories


In May, Taff had called upon Singapore-based designers to create a Singapore story through their respective mediums or disciplines. From the submissions, 13 designers were selected to create the capsule collection. They are Eden + Elie, Ying The Label, Weekend Sundries, One Day We Forayed, Alcheme, K.BLU, OETEO, MARTHAwho, CYC, ONE.61, Darsala, The Shirt Bar and IVONOVI. With the aim of encouraging more to wear local design, Taff will market the collection among high net worth individuals, key opinion leaders, and VIPs through direct marketing and by invitation events.


CYC Cara Chiang 

CYC's Cara Chiang, image taken from Spotlight: Singapore Stories


The team from one of Singapore’s oldest tailors, CYC, fashioned their collection with the “Singapore experience” in mind. Speaking on Singapore Tonight, CYC’s product development and marketing manager Cara Chiang explained how her team came up with the collection.


CYC Collection 

 CYC's Uniquely Singaporean designs


She said, “We wanted something that would be inclusive to all Singaporeans. What do all Singaporeans relate to?” The result – a menswear series imprinted with the iconic Kopitiam chair and HDB blocks.


Weekend Sundries Michelle Tan 

Weekend Sundries' owner Michelle Tan, image taken from Spotlight: Singapore Stories


Michelle Tan, of womenswear label Weekend Sundries, focused on unity and inclusivity in her collection. Inspired by “childhood play”, the Singaporean designer illustrated the motifs of childhood games before digitally printing them onto fabric. The collection is designed to serve as a “reminder that solidarity can be formed in the most informal and surprising manner” and of how everyday communal spaces provide Singaporeans with a “shared identity”.


Weekend Sundries Capteh Blouse 

Weekend Sundries' 'Capteh' inspired design


Mark Wee, Executive Director of the DesignSingapore Council, shared that it was “fantastic that our local talents have drawn from our culture, heritage and memories” to design their collections.

“Reading their stories and seeing them translated into modern ready-to-wear designs, makes me so proud of Singapore fashion and the role it can play in telling our collective Singapore story.”