Maria Giudice on why we need more design-minded business leaders

Jul 16, 2019

Maria Giudice, founder of Hot Studio, which was acquired by Facebook in 2013, is the co-author of The Rise of the DEO. In this video produced by the DesignSingapore Council, Giudice explains how the idea of a DEO (“Design Executive Officer”) was inspired by the experience of running her own design business.

The DEO, says Giudice, is a combination of a strategic business executive matched with a problem-solving designer. A frequent speaker at design conferences, Giudice identifies six characteristics of a DEO (go to 0.53 mark) and advices future leaders to embrace diversity as “the more diversity you bring in makes the company richer”. Embracing different points of views and voices contributes to the variety of ideas that the business would have. Hence, enabling the company to better solve its own unique problems.

Giudice was in Singapore for Brainstorm Design 2019, which was a part of the annual Singapore Design Week. She shared the six lessons she learnt while shifting Autodesk from being a tech-centric to a human-centric company. Giudice will be returning to Singapore for Brainstorm Design 2020. See the list of other speakers here.

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