Plate tectonics: Supermama (Singapore) X Kihara (Japan) ceramic ware

Apr 3, 2013

plate tectonics


The Housing Board flat; the Tembusu tree; the Vanda Miss Joaquim; the (construction site) crane; and not least, the lightning bolt. Each of these emblems has a special place in the heart, mind and psyche of the Singaporean. 

The icons have also been adapted as motifs in a collection of ceramic ware for the Singapore Icons Studio Project, an initiative between Supermama, a Singaporean retail gallery, and Kihara Inc, a Japanese ceramic company from Arita, Fukuoka. The collaboration is supported by the DesignSingapore Council. 

Each set – comprising a plate (15cm-diameter), a saucer (10.8cm-diameter) and a chopstick holder – has a “limited prototype edition” of 200 pieces. At least two hot-selling favourites are expected to be re-issued. Here, the concepts for the five inspired designs:


Days of Lightning by Ampulets      

Days of Lightning by Ampulets
The speed, illumination and force of the lightning bolt are symbolic of Singapore's development. The progress in the past 50 years is characterised by assertive and rapid pace of change; illuminated by the effort of its people; and led by a singular focus to succeed. 

HDB by Chang Shian Wei         
HDB by Chang Shian Wei
More than 80 per cent of the Singapore population live in HDB flats. The motifs are abstracted from photographic images of the common corridors, the kitchen windows and a silhouette study of a room at night-time.  

Tembusu by Desinere           
Tembusu by Desinere 
A graphic representation of the majestic Tembusu tree with its distinctive sweeping low bough, residing in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The Dancing Joaquim by Quiet Studio             

The Dancing Joaquim by Quiet Studio
The Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore's national flower is named after the woman who successfully created the hybrid. The orchid flutters like a lovely purple dress with the passing breeze. 

National Bird of Singapore by Relay Room              
National Bird of Singapore by Relay Room
Rapid urbanisation makes the crane a ubiquitous feature in the Singapore building and construction landscape.

The Singapore Icons Studio Project ceramic collection is available from  Supermama, 8 Queen Street, Singapore Art Museum, Level 1 or online at