Singapore designers in Milan

Apr 13, 2015

Photo: Lanzavecchia + Wai

A contingent of 15 Singaporean designers will demonstrate their imagination in the exhibition Singapore Design: The Alchemists, at the Triennale de Milano, 14–19 April. The works are the result of experimentations in the alchemic process, transforming substances such as lead into gold.

The Alchemists exhibition is an acknowledgment of the spirit of Studio Alchimia, formed in Italy in 1976. Its members created experimental pieces primarily as one-off prototypes for exhibition – rather than mass production.

The exhibits, featuring industrial products and graphic design, were created by young Singaporean designers at a lecture-workshop series in October 2014, at the National Design Centre, Singapore.

The Alchemists is presented by Industry Plus in collaboration with The Design Society and Peter Tay. Curated by Stefano Casciani and Patrick Chia, the exhibition is supported by the DesignSingapore Council.