SkillsFuture Study Award: Engineer deepens his interior design skills, lands a role in a design department.

May 17, 2017


Mr Phua Tiong Lee and his interior designs.

Mr Phua Tiong Lee is a SkillsFuture Study Awards recipient who is keen to develop his design skills. An electrical and electronic engineering graduate, he is currently in a business development role at interior contractor company, Ming Sing construction. His company will also be establishing a new design department at the end of the year, to focus on delivering creative proposals and client pitching. “Client communications is a major part of my job, so it is important for me to find ways to better understand my clients’ needs,” said Mr Phua.

To achieve his goal on deepening his expertise in interior design, Mr Phua has since begun a part-time Specialist Diploma in Interior & Landscape Design at the BCA Academy. “Through this course, I hope to value-add to my existing role, enhance my level of employability and connect information in my projects in a more structured manner,” added Mr Phua, “I am grateful for the support of my supervisors who see value in nurturing their employees. It not only fulfils the business needs of the company but also helps them to remain competitive.” Mr Phua has since been offered a role in interior design and project management at the new department, where he will be working on residential projects.


Mr Phua understands the importance of acquiring new skillsets and deepening expertise. Along with other recipients of the SkillsFuture Study Awards, he also receives a monetary award of S$5,000, which he will be able to use it to defray the out-of-pocket expenses associated with his course. Mr Phua looks forward to an enhanced level of employability in his company and opportunities after completing his programme.


The SkillsFuture Study Award for Design equips recipients who are committed to acquiring new skillsets and deepening their expertise to enhance job competency to stay relevant in the design sector.



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