Fuelled by a desire to restore community spirit, he leads the first ever Ground-up Museum.

Jan 16, 2019


Victor Li heads community project Museum@My Queenstown.

Photo by: Kevin Yang

DesignSingapore Council Senior Assistant Director Victor Li moved to his new neighbourhood Tanglin Halt in 2014. Wanting to learn more about his new community, he joined a 150-member group founded by civic group My Community that hosts guided tours around various local neighbourhoods. The tours didn’t just allow him to learn about the place, but the people in the area and their stories. Over time, Victor became passionate about the neighbourhood and became a guide himself. Three years after his first tour, he is now set to lead a massive community project; the first ground-up museum, Museum@My Queenstown. Inspired by the question of creating a community spirit among Queenstown inhabitants as more residents leave or pass on, the museum, which opened in January, features items and objects donated by those living in the area.

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