Theseus Chan launches WERK No.20 in Tokyo

Jan 1, 001

Photo credits: WORK

Visiting Tokyo? Do swing by the ginza graphic gallery (ggg) and support Theseus Chan’s launch and exhibition of “WERK No.20 – The extremities of the printed matter”, 3 to 25 December.

Chan, a leading creative director from Singapore, first published the seminal graphic magazine WERK in 2000. The publication has since received international recognition from the New York Art Director’s Club and British D&AD. Each issue is created with a unique look and expression; no two issues are the same.

Chan has corralled two of his contemporaries, renowned Singaporean designers Chris Lee (Asylum) and Jackson Tan (PHUNK), to join him in a public talk on 3 December.

Theseus Chan, Jackson Tan and Chris Lee were President’s Design Award recipients for Designer of the Year in 2006, 2007 and 2009 respectively. The award is Singapore’s most prestigious design honour.