Enabling Festival 2019

Sep 10, 2019

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Start Date: 06 Sep 2019
End Date: 08 Sep 2019

Start Time: 11:00 AM
End Time: 09:00 PM


Venue: National Design Centre
Location: Singapore


The Enabling Festival seeks to present a showcase of potentialities as it focuses on the enablement of a person living with dementia, to provide them with a better quality of life. Dementia is a stark global health issue that needs to be addressed immediately worldwide, especially in Asia. This three-day community festival is a kaleidoscope of multidisciplinary activities in the areas of art, music, design, theatre, film, dance, medical forums and hands-on workshops.

Enabling Festival 2019 - Sound

The Enabling Festival (6 -8 September 2019) is in its second run this year. This year’s focus is on sound in the form of hearing, one of the five important senses. Sound has significant impact on people with dementia in terms of quality of life. This is because people with dementia have a reduced ability to discern sound and it hinders them from understanding their sensory environment.

The festival is specially curated with an emphasis on sound and hearing with various elements to evoke memories and trigger positive emotions in people with dementia.

  • The festival also shines a spotlight on caregivers, who are often invisible heroes and provides possibilities and suggestions for the caregivers’ respite and solace through many interesting activities e.g. Breathing workshop, Silent Disco and Semantic dance workshop, film screenings and more.
  • Technology such as virtual reality mind tours of familiar sights and sound devised especially for people with limited mobility, together with a simulation of mother’s cradling arms in the form of Wellness Rocking Chair, will make their debut at the festival.
  • A series of feature and short films about dementia that will also be screened over the course of the three-day festival.
  • Designathon: We Engage 2019, organised by OneMaker Group & Project We Forgot, looks to empower the community to come together to design for the community. The prototypes of the winners will be showcased during the festival. 
  • ARUP in collaboration with BLOXAS Architects, will also present an exhibition titled Sound Field, an immersive and interactive installation exploring how people with dementia respond to everyday city soundscapes. It aims to bridge the gap between civic and industrial design for dementia. The exhibition will run till 6 October 2019.


Free admission to all film screenings and festival activities but registration is needed via Eventbrite.

Type of Design

Product or Industrial Design


Co-presented by: DesignSingapore Council, Enable Asia, OneMaker Group, ARUP & BLOXAS Architects
Supported by: Our Singapore Fund, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), OCBC


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