Future Smart Cities 2019

Jan 8, 2019

Future Smart Cities 2019


Start Date: 05 Nov 2019
End Date: 07 Nov 2019

Start Time: 09:00 AM
End Time: 06:00 PM


Venue: National Design Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malasyia
City: Kuala Lumpur
Location: Malaysia


A smart city initiative is the target of people to live in, it includes all different types of leisure and connectivity; electronic data, sensors and full information and communication technology ICT that used IT managing assets, commercial, industrial, traffic, networks and all matters that related to sustainability and Eco-system. It helps people to have a positive interaction with the place, where they find a high performance of infrastructure. Thus, the smart city is a crucial argument to improve the quality of life and strengthen the relationship between cities and citizens. IEREK organizes the second international conference on "Future Smart Cities" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where the city has a promising potential of transformation to be smarter.

Type of Design

Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Urban Design




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