Mobile Talk 2017 Singapore

Sep 5, 2017

Mobile Talk 2017 Singapore


Start Date: 09 Sep 2017
End Date: 09 Sep 2017

Start Time: 02:00 PM
End Time: 05:00 PM


Venue: Auditorium, Level 2
Location: Singapore


Mobile Talk is a collaborative and exchange platform built for design happenings co-founded by design practice Milkxhake (Hong Kong) and OOO Projects (Osaka). It is a creative sharing/gathering where Asian creatives – designers, artists, architects, curators, editors and writers – meet and share their ideas, works and daily lives. As the name suggests, the event goes ‘mobile’ and first travels to major cities in Asia, it was held last year in Osaka, Hong Kong and Taipei, and in 2017 the first stop is Singapore, which we are inviting designers, design educators from Japan, Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore to hold a talk and workshop together, facilitating the inter-cites design exchange in Asia, also introducing diffrent texture, insights and mindsets in design to the students in Singapore. Mobile Talk carries projects with mobility and diversity, making good contents accessible everywhere.

Type of Design

Communication Design


OOO Projects (Osaka) and Milkxhake (Hong Kong)


Name: Saki Ho
Email: [email protected]




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