Never Too Old: Picture Books Rediscovered

May 27, 2019

Never too old


Start Date: 04 Jun 2019
End Date: 29 Jun 2019

Start Time: 07:30 PM
End Time: 09:00 PM


Venue: Gallery 1
City: Singapore
Location: Singapore


Children often rush to outgrow picture books and advance to more complex reads. However, more than just being educational, these illustrated books blend word and image perfectly to tell a compelling story, simplify complex concepts or explore challenging emotions. This showcase features selection of picture books, some classically beloved while others amongst our personal favourites, which highlight the incredible stories and plethora of art styles found in children’s literature.

From these, we have identified representatives phrases have reinterpreted them through illustrations from our own perspectives - as creatives, adults and parents. Fundamentally, we aim to introduce visitors to picture books as a powerful form of literature and art that can open minds and bring change, a reminder of what they used to do for us a children.


Type of Design

Communication Design


illo picto


Name: Darel Seow
Phone: 87952300


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