Apr 30, 2019


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Makerspace @ NDC by OneMaker Group

OneMaker Group (OMG) aims to become a nexus for people to discover new dimensions of themselves through Making. We are proud to support and cultivate designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, students, and the Maker community by offering a welcoming Makerspace, comprehensive Maker courses, Design programs as well as Product Development consulting which unifies Making, Design and Entrepreneurship.



kapok is a culture and lifestyle store, with a focus on quality and creativity, that started from a quiet back-street of Hong Kong in 2006. kapok at NDC presents a curated collection of lifestyle, design and fashion products from Singaporean and international designers.

kapok has established itself as a retailer with a knack for discovering future classics and launching emerging designers. it is slated to be the place to go to, for Designed-in-Singapore products, alongside cult global lifestyle brands.



Tanuki Raw 


In Japanese mythology, a tanuki is a shapeshifting prankster, a playful create with a big heart .We believe dining out should be a fun experience, serving up dishes that make you amused, inquisitive, and most of all happy. We love everything Japanese, but we also love that no-holds-barred American street food, so we put them together for creations that are unique and unbelievably flavorful.



The farm store or T.F.S (for short) was started by FARM in 2010 and became the first store in Singapore that only promotes & curates products designed locally. Through collaborations directly with local designers & projects with various national bodies, T.F.S. has grown to offer a wide collection of products to showcase Singapore design at its best!


Textile and Fashion Federation (Taff)

The Textile and Fashion Federation (Taff) is the official fashion and textile association for those in the industry. Our objective is to increase the visibility of emerging and established local fashion designers in Asia and beyond by providing the designers with opportunity to expand and display their works at trade events. Partnering with local government bodies and major organisations, we facilitate the international expansion of local fashion labels. With a vision to dress the world, Taff is dedicated to supporting the growth of international trade in Singapore.
We are the operator of The Cocoon Space at Design Orchard, also run programmes and events to support local designers to raise their profile in Singapore and overseas. A world-renowned strategic partner, Taff plays an active role in the development of the textile and fashion industry and has been instrumental in providing young designers with the opportunity to gain exposure both within the local market and internationally. growth of international trade in Singapore.
250 Orchard Road
Level 2
Design Orchard
Singapore 256908


A D Lab Pte Ltd

The architectural firm A D Lab Pte Ltd in Singapore was set up by Warren Liu Yaw Lin and Darlene Smyth. In year 2000, the pair incorporated Dlab 3, a small experimental design outfit that focused on cutting edge residential projects. Now renamed as A D Lab Pte Ltd, the research-based practice has grown in size and recognition and is centred on creating new or emergent experiences by addressing the specific site, economics and programme of each individual project. In all of the work by A D Lab, there is an intensive search for a convergence to a simple and elegant solution that evokes a sense of complexity and at the same time solves all the issues and concerns of the design in an economical and poetic manner. The design solution synthesizes parallel design objectives of the context, the cost, the programme and environmental concerns while giving the buildings their identities and expressions. Their approach sees architecture as an extension of a place and a context that addresses specific technological, geographical, programmatic, social, and economic conditions as an inter-connected system. The polymorphic nature of individual architectural projects is fully embraced to allow their complexity, uniqueness and the “now-ness” to emerge from that process. This process results in rich and unexpected experiences that resonate with the site and context.




GINLEE Studio is an independent fashion house established in 2011 in Israel by Singaporean designer Gin Lee. Our creative platform is built on values of being true to yourself, being confident in who you are, being the best you can be. Our relaxed flattering silhouettes give today’s woman the comfort and uncompromised style, which they can work and certainly dance in. We work hard to keep our wearer's experience centred throughout our design process, while embedding our unique DNA that is influenced by our places, lifestyles and cultures. At GINLEE Studio, we believe in Making Fashion Matters.


UX Consulting

UX Consulting is a user experience research and design firm, adopting user-centered design (UCD) approach to help our clients in enhancing their digital presence, service design flow for physical environment and reshaping their organisation culture to produce beautiful products their customers love.


Orcadesign Consultants Pte Ltd

Orcadesign Consultants is a forward-thinking innovation and strategy consultancy firm with over 20 years of experience in creating impactful solutions. We work closely with our clients including SMEs, start-ups and global brands to solve problems, uncover business opportunities, innovate and grow sustainably. We advocate and adopt a human-centred and dynamic approach towards innovation. We also identify consumer trends and understand underlying user needs and motivations, before we translate them into meaningful insights and drive product and service design innovation. Our work has gained international recognition such as the President’s Design Award (Singapore), iF, Universal Design Award, IDEA Award and Geneva Innovation Awards.




Common is a transdisciplinary design firm. We mobilise diverse skills and perspectives to deliver breakthrough customer experiences. Our concepts are data-driven. Our process, radically collaborative. With over 30 years of experience in innovation and design, we help ambitious organisations to identify and shape their future.


Nipek Pte Ltd

Nipek is an architectural lighting design studio in Singapore. We design light as part of architecture and architecture as a light fixture. Our studio collaborate with creative architects and designers to achieve a seamless integration of light and space, using light to enhance the experience of visual environment and work on a wide range of scale and type of architecture from a residence to a skyscraper, interior and exterior.


DesignSingapore Council
#04-01 / #04-02

The vision of the DesignSingapore Council is for design to differentiate Singapore from global competition. As the national agency for design, the Council’s mission is to develop the design sector, and to help Singapore use design for innovation and growth, as well as to make life better.


DesignSingapore Associates Network (DAN)

The DesignSingapore Associates Network (DAN) comprises DesignSingapore scholars specialising in various forms of design. The network engages the community through design initiatives, fosters collaboration within the design community and supports the development of emerging designers.


Hans Tan Studio

The work of Hans Tan Studio tiptoes on the boundaries between design, craft and art. The practice deploys design as medium, making use of utility as a pretext for visual discourse, while maintaining a keen focus in developing materials and processes. The embedded narratives in the works comment on design and its industry as a phenomenon, especially in the context of heritage, consumption and waste.


P!D (Participate In Design)

P!D is a registered non-profit design, planning and educational organisation that helps neighbourhoods and public institutions in Singapore design community-owned spaces and solutions.
We are dedicated to engaging and enabling people in shaping their everyday environments and local communities. Founded on the firm belief that everyone has the right to participate in and influence the design and planning processes that affect them, P!D provides services in designing and facilitating the public participation and engagement process concerning the built environment.
We research, test and develop socially just and inclusive methods of design that are appropriate for our local neighbourhoods, while also promoting the integration of participatory design in design education and practice.