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Design Advisory

Managed by DesignSingapore Council (Dsg), the Design Advisory brings together resources for both Designers and Enterprises to extend and enhance the quality of products and services offered by them, and bridges designers with enterprises to adopt design and design thinking for sustained productivity and innovation. Companies and Designers can either visit the Design Advisory or call the hotline to consult with the officers on duty, who will provide general consultation to match their specific needs with Dsg’s programmes and events.

The Design Advisory also aims to serve the public and design community with a repertoire of design-related information; to house a directory of designers and design firms; to showcase business case-studies and new prototypes/products by local designers and companies; and to host regular seminars, workshops and events organised by Dsg.

Prototyping Lab @ NDC by OneMaker Group

OneMaker Group (OMG) aims to become a nexus for people to discover new dimensions of themselves through Making. We are proud to support and cultivate designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, students, and the Maker community by offering a welcoming Makerspace, comprehensive Maker courses, Design programs as well as Product Development consulting which unifies Making, Design and Entrepreneurship.


kapok is a culture and lifestyle store, with a focus on quality and creativity, that started from a quiet back-street of Hong Kong in 2006. kapok at NDC presents a curated collection of lifestyle, design and fashion products from Singaporean and international designers.

kapok has established itself as a retailer with a knack for discovering future classics and launching emerging designers. it is slated to be the place to go to, for Designed-in-Singapore products, alongside cult global lifestyle brands.

Materials Design Lab by Chris Lefteri Design Ltd

Recognized throughout the world as a leading authority on materials and their application in design, Chris Lefteri is one of the most important materials experts working in his field. The studio has a distinctive expertise that germinates new approaches in automotive, packaging, sports, furniture, consumer electronics and fashion industries.

IDA Labs
#02-04 / #03-04

As Singapore moves towards becoming a Smart Nation, IDA is placing greater emphasis on encouraging a culture of creating and building. The culture will encourage Singaporeans and Singapore-based info-technology companies to experiment, collaborate and build new and innovative products and solutions that would address real world challenges globally as well as for Singapore.

IDA Labs provides a physical lab space for individuals, companies and government agencies to collaborate. It enables them to work on areas such as generating new ideas, developing new technologies and testing out proof of concepts.

IDA Labs has 3 key goals:

  • Building Singapore-based tech companies and Singapore tech talent
  • Fostering a culture of creating and building
  • Strengthening internal capabilities

A+U Publishing Pte. Ltd.

A+U Publishing Pte. Ltd. is an independent Singapore company given birth by the premier and oldest Japanese architectural publisher, Shinkenchiku-sha. The 90 years history and background of Shinkenchiku has enabled A+U to utilise the resources and network of architects and key industry partners to nurture the design culture in Singapore. We aim to collaborate with local architects and design enterprises to publish and promote their work to be known throughout the world, and to advocate good appreciation of design in hopes of putting forward more opportunities for budding designers and talents to excel in the Singapore industry and beyond.

Gyro Communications Pte Ltd

Our mission is to create ideas that are humanly relevant. gyro is an Advertising Age Top 50 global ideas shop with 600+ creative minds in 15 offices around the world.

UX Consulting

UX Consulting is a user experience research and design firm, adopting user-centered design (UCD) approach to help our clients in enhancing their digital presence, service design flow for physical environment and reshaping their organisation culture to produce beautiful products their customers love.

Fuelfor Pte Ltd

fuelfor is a specialist design consultancy with over 15 years of experience creating unique care experiences for people.

With a strong belief that insights-driven design and multi-disciplinary collaboration are essential for innovation in health care, fuelfor empower clients to see sustainable growth opportunities with greater clarity, and respond with viable solutions and strategies that improve the way people experience health.

Nipek Pte Ltd

Nipek is an architectural lighting design studio in Singapore. We design light as part of architecture and architecture as a light fixture. Our studio collaborate with creative architects and designers to achieve a seamless integration of light and space, using light to enhance the experience of visual environment and work on a wide range of scale and type of architecture from a residence to a skyscraper, interior and exterior.


Supple and rich to the touch, only the most luxe leathers and skins are sumptuous used to create the soft silhouettes found in LINGWU collections. The range explores many traditional shapes, focusing on the quality of materials and hand craftsmanship rather than trend. Soft construction is the hallmark of LINGWU bags that are timeless.

Zobele Group

A global business partner for innovative and cost-effective solutions in home, health and personal care.

DesignSingapore Council
#04-01 / #04-02

The vision of the DesignSingapore Council is for design to differentiate Singapore from global competition. As the national agency for design, the Council’s mission is to develop the design sector, and to help Singapore use design for innovation and growth, as well as to make life better.

The DesignSingapore Council is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information.


At ThinkPlace, we use design thinking to create public value. We work with governments, non-profits and industry to understand complex public issues from the human perspective, and to create compelling futures together. We design policies, strategies, services and products to support vibrant communities, strong economies and sustainable environments.

Established in 2005, ThinkPlace has over a decade of experience in design-led innovation and implementation, and offices in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.