Design of the Year 2012
Dell All-In-One Desktop PC Family
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Dell Global B.V. (Singapore Branch)
Chan Wai Lim
Yong Khang Chian
Mark Chan
Lee Leong Chye
Kenneth Ding Yin Hean
Greg Breinholt
Etienne Thetard
Celia Law
Erene Teo
Tan Lun Cheak
Darren Lin
Joyce Lu
Tay Yan Bing
Shamindri Perera
Dell Austin Design Centre
Mike Morten
Ed Boyd
Joe Jasinski
Michael Ellis
Paula Cox

The new AIOs are designed to enhance productivity with a focus on saving space and creating a clutter-free work station ideal for the home and office. Available with either a basic or adjustable stand for touch scenario, each AIO is designed for a best-in-class viewing experience. The AIO is ergonomically designed for comfort with an easy screen tilt adjustment for long hours of computer use. All Dell AIOs come with the option of non-touch or touch screen technology that further personalises and enhances the interactive experience. Each AIO has a wireless slim-profiled keyboard and mouse.

A range of AIOs across different Dell sub-brands addresses the needs of different users. The XPS 2710 is positioned as the best-in-class performance for viewing, processing and sound. The Optiplex range is designed for wall and office arm mounting, common in banking and academic settings. It is also equipped with security features that prevent any unwanted public interference. Optiplex AIOs are designed to comply with industry standards, and thus, they bear the German Standard mark and are also TCO certified. The Inspiron range focuses on easy home computing and multimedia usage, addressing the significance of digital media.

Global user insight research and design validation led the creation of the new Dell AIO. Front treatments are kept subtle without distracting details. Speakers are kept facedown to achieve a clean front. The soft surface material on the back is shaped to achieve a compact yet sensual appeal. All rear ventilation slots are kept to the minimum, to keep the back of the computer sleek. The whole component is kept inside the display back without the need for an external power adapter.

Two USB ports and a multimedia card reader are located on the left of the AIO for quick access. The rear connector is easily accessible for direct routing through the U-shape stand, ensuring quality cable management solutions. The cast aluminium stand is elegantly shaped at a 45-degree angle to give the user easy access to the rear connectors. The stand also allows forward and backward tilt considerations for various viewing scenarios. The user can choose to fully recline the type stand for a better touch experience. The webcam is fitted with a privacy cover and tilt adjustment to provide security during a web conference whether at home, in the office or public space. Other safety features include cable covers and Nobel lock mounts.


Chan Wai Lim is an industrial designer from Singapore. She graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a diploma in product and industrial design in 1999. Since then, she has worked for design consultancy firm Design Exchange, GE/Fitch and Dell’s Experience Design Group. Her works have garnered many honours including the Red Dot design award, IF design award, Best Of CES, Innovations award, G-mark award, and one from the Singapore Furniture Industry Council. Ms Chan believes that design can improve people’s lifestyles and should always contain an element or a story that touches the heart of the user. Ms Chan is inspired by music, nature, travel and modern art.

Chan Wai Lim’s advice for emerging designers:

“Always adopt a positive attitude and an open mind. You need to love your work and be passionate at every stage of the design process. Pay attention to the customer’s needs, and never be afraid of making your first mistake. There’s no need to solve every problem alone, you can always discuss with your team and give suggestions. Be disciplined and objective to criticism. Always keep up-todate with the latest trends in social, design and technology. Always be mindful of the environment.”


The Dell All-In-One Desktop PC Family shows the effectiveness and value of high quality industrial design for mass produced consumer products. The Jury recognised the enormous difficulties the Dell team faced in creating a product which matches the competition on quality, performance and design, but which can sell at a significantly lower, and therefore more affordable price.

The design resolution is thoughtful and detailed, demonstrated by the context sensitive touch keys, camera-lock and discreet ventilation. The power switch is well-organised at the centre and the stand that supports the computer is simple, but well engineered, to provide finger touch adjustability when required, and stability in regular use. And the aluminium back of the product is well resolved, with solutions for effective but discreet cable management.

The hard work, imagination and sheer craft of in-house designers around the world, who bring passion and creativity to that most difficult task of delivering great design at an affordable price, is rarely acknowledged by design competitions. This Award recognises the issues the design team had to overcome in delivering a fine piece of industrial design while, at the same time, making it accessible to so many more people by keeping the cost down.



The suite includes different classes of AIOs. Each class is designed specifically to meet the needs of a target segment of customers. The AIOs have a touchscreen option, a sleek pedestal stand, a wireless keyboard and a mouse. The new design doesn’t require as much space as other desktops: more room and less clutter on my desk. And it looks good from all angles.