Outreach and Events
Conversations at Library at Orchard

The PDA exhibition 2016 was hosted by [email protected] on the month of September at the library foyer. In conjunction with the exhibition, the PDA team worked with [email protected] to organise two sharing sessions by invited Designer of the Year and Design of the Year recipients.   

The first public talk was by WOHA Architects, which highlighted the challenges and considerations of community-centered designs with two Design of the Year projects as case studies -  Enabling Village and Skyville @ Dawson. The PDA team invited Senior Architect, Phua Hong Wei, representing WOHA Architects to conduct the talk on the 16th of September. The talk was conducted by Senior Architect, Phua Hong Wei on 16th September.

The following weekend gave attendees the opportunity to get up close with Designer of the Year, Raymond Woo as he shared his journey as an architect. The talks enabled PDA to cultivate the importance of design and knowledge to its audience; a holistic environment to promote engagement and learning of design.

PDA 2016 publications were distributed to attendees of these talks as well. PDA team is proud to have organised organized this event.



  1. Talk About Community Design with WOHA
  2. Up Close with Veteran Architect Raymond Woo