HP Deskjet 460 Mobile Printer

Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Pte) Ltd

Product & Industrial Design

Mylène Tjin, Programme Manager of Industrial Design, HP Singapore recalls, "I started off making my own creations in fashion and interiors when I was in my teens. Later, I also designed some of the furniture pieces at home. It led me to become interested in figuring out the spaces, structures and aesthetics in buildings. I had my mind set on becoming an architect. But when I heard about the Industrial Design faculty at the University, I liked the idea of being an architect of products, especially the part about not having to wait many years to see my designs realized. That certainly sealed the deal for me!"


Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Mylène A.K. Tjin Wong Joe

Koh Chee Hiang
Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Pte) Ltd

Insights from the Recipient

What was your main objective for the design?

Mylene Tjin: We wanted to transform a very functional business tool into a stylist professional device that would be delightful to use, and that would enable people to be successful in their work. This required us to deliver not just a package that was as compact as possible, but also one that was a compelling design. These factors required a lot of back-and-forth with the engineering team to determine the best solutions.


Jury Citation

The DeskJet printer's design is classical, well-executed and not overtly expressive, showing a high level of maturity in approach. Its sleek, stylish and mobile appearance is visually inviting, while offering the user a tactile experience. Being both functional and aesthetically appealing, the printer has enjoyed proven market success and demonstrates the value of design in lending a competitive edge to products in the marketplace.


Nominator Citation

Mr E. S. Goh

Designed by Mylène Tjin, the HP Deskjet 460, launched in October 2005 has been entered in prestigious design competitions from Europe to Asia and the United States. It has since received the German Red Dot award 2006, the German iF Design Award 2006, the Japanese Good Design Awards 2005 and the US-based CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Design and Innovations 2006 Award. It will feature in the Spring edition of Innovations, the prestigious design magazine of the IDSA (Industrial Designers' Society of America).

Not only is the HP Deskjet 460's headturning, stylish, sharp and leading-edge design acknowledged by the international design community, it has been very wellreceived by the man-on-the-street as evidenced by its global sales figures, which has helped to establish Hewlett-Packard as the current market leader in mobile printers. Moreover, the HP Deskjet 460 has set new standards for mobile printer design by evolving an original design language, which its competitors are now forced to adopt.