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‘‘Read everything you can get your hands on. Read Shakespeare, not just design books. Visit contemporary art museums and galleries and contemplate. Travel to cities and experience cultures where design is valued and observe it at work.’’
‘‘Every place has opportunities and weaknesses. The opportunities in Singapore come from the huge range of materials and techniques available due to being a trading port, and being a developed country surrounded by developing countries. The weakness of local architecture is a lot of replication and repetition of designs, which add to this feeling of placelessness. We should take advantage of the mix of East and West, expensive materials and low-cost labour to create wonderful architecture that is impossible to replicate elsewhere.’’
‘‘After graduation, we as designers only know the technicalities of designing but we do not really know how to design. We need to improve ourselves by learning ... about issues that concern living and life itself. I would advise young emerging designers to be inquisitive, humble and patient. Design is like acting, it takes a lot of practice and errors to perfect the craft.’’