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‘‘Do not chase after reference. Trust your own judgement. Discover your own values. Master your craft. Embrace life, try everything. Don’t be in a hurry to get anywhere. Enjoy the journey. Embrace the non-absolute.’’
‘‘You have chosen a noble, albeit difficult, profession. The fundamental core of our profession must be a genuine interest and concern for the people we design for – their long term interests and aspirations must come first, not your ego.’’
‘‘Young designers should be modest and stay that way. Always empty your glass and refill it, in order to absorb more and learn new things.’’
‘‘Do not work for money. Do not go for the job that is merely the highest paying, but go for the one that allows you to work on the best project. Good work will bring you more work and eventually the money.’’
‘‘Young designers need to appreciate the value of their own design. More importantly, they should enjoy the experience and remain humble throughout their journey in designing. Design is subjective as it is a personal interpretation of beauty and purpose.’’
‘‘Perhaps architecture is not everything, there’s more to life than architecture... The education to be an architect is rather good. It prepares us to tackle anything in life: being able to zoom out to macro issues and zoom back into micro details. If architecture should be everything to you, then we have to bear in mind that it is not just about design but it can and should do so much more. What this is, you have to figure out yourself. I myself am still trying to figure that out, especially so practising in Singapore.’’