JUROR 2011

Prof Richard Seymour


(United Kingdom)

Richard Seymour is co-founder of the internationally renowned design and innovation company, Seymourpowell.

As one of Europe’s best-known and most accomplished designers, he has a career spanning over 30 years and a huge range of creative disciplines. Over this period he has become a global champion for design, picking up a host of design awards for products, vehicles, book design, advertising, packaging and even record sleeves. His top accolades include the D&AD President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution for Design, The Lifetime Achievement Award for Design from FX Magazine and the BBC Design Award.

Initially trained as a graphic designer and illustrator, Richard moved through graphics, advertising and film production design before setting up Seymourpowell with his business partner, Dick Powell, in 1984.

During the 1990’s he became a familiar face on television, with Dick Powell, in a number of series on design, including ‘Design on Your....’ and ‘Better by Design’. The programmes followed Richard & Dick through the genesis of a whole range of new products, from kitchen bins and razors to a better bra and an innovative toilet.
Richard is now known as much for his public speaking as he is for his design work. His understanding of future technologies and ‘emergent behaviour’ has drawn him into a number of retained roles within large multinational companies, helping them navigate their products and services into the future.

He is Consultant Design Director of the Dove brand for Unilever, a Trustee of the Design Museum in London, holds an Honorary Doctorate from the Centre for Creative Studies in Michigan, an Honorary Masters Degree from the Surrey Institute and is Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art.

He has also served as Visiting Professor of Design at both the Royal College of Art and Coventry University.