JUROR 2014

Li Xiaodong

Li Xiaodong Atelier

Tsinghua University


Li, Xiaodong, graduated from School of Architecture at Tsinghua University in 1984 and did his PhD at the School of Architecture, Delft University of Technology between 1989 and 1993. He is a practising architect, educator and researcher on architecture.

Li Xiaodong's design work ranges from interior, architecture to urban spaces. He has won both national and international awards such as winner for AR (review) for emerging Architecture award in 2009 for his design for Bridge School in Fujian Province and Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2010. He was also awarded Honorary Fellowship by AIA and won Culture category of WAF in Singapore for his Liyuan Library in 2012. Other notable awards include Architecture of Necessity, Sweden in 2013, UNESCO Jury Award for Innovation for his Yuhu elementary school, EDRA/Places annual design awards in United States, AR+D awards, United Kingdom, ARASIA Gold Medal and Business Week/Architectural Records China Awards for best Public Building.

He also teaches architecture and has won prestigious teaching awards such as RIBA tutor's prize in 2000 and SARA tutor's prize in 2001 for his inspirational teaching at the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore.

He is currently the chair professor of the architecture program at the school of Architecture, Tsinghua University, in Beijing. He is also a researcher who has published in articles and books in both English and Chinese. He covers topics from cultural studies, history and theory of architecture to urban studies.

Li Xiaodong was awarded man of the year in China (best designer) in 2011 by GQ magazine.