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Ng Sek San

Sek San Design


Ng Sek San received his training as a civil engineer at the University of Canterbury, Christ Church, New Zealand and did his post graduate in landscape architecture at Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand.

After spending 12 years studying and working in New Zealand, Sek San returned to Asia to practise with Belt Collins International for 4 years in Singapore, servicing their hospitality projects in Asia.

In 1994, Sek San returned to Kuala Lumpur to set up his own landscape consultancy – Sek San Design.

In the last 18 years of private practice, Sek San has attempted to weave between the hard and imposing world of architecture and the soft evolving organic world of plants and landscape.

Sek San attempts to make work that reflects an egalitarian lifestyle, simple, uncluttered, affordable and not overtly finished. He eschews the principle of treading the land lightly as possible, being irreverent to man-made rules and conventions, and advocates extreme restraint in design.

In the last 8 years, Sek San experimented with the idea of returning the profession to a craft-based tradition instead of following the trend of companies growing into big global businesses.

His projects are now all concentrated in Kuala Lumpur and does not take on overseas or outstation commissions. Sek San prefers to work locally as he can better understand the subtle idiosyncrasies of context, weather, culture, light quality, cost and workmanship, etc. This allows his practice to get into a lot more depth and also to collaborate with local clients; who know and trust his practice better and allow him to take bigger risk on their projects.



Hans Tan


Founder, Hans Tan Studio; and Assistant Professor, Division of Industrial Design,
National University of Singapore
Hans Tan Studio