Asia Future: A Peek at Singapore Design


They said that Singapore couldn't do it – but we did. One of the ways Singapore managed to survive was by relying on its people’s resourcefulness and creativity, oftentimes using design to innovate out of its conundrums. But it hasn’t just been systems design we’ve excelled in.

Many of our designers in other fields – from architecture to fashion and furniture, as well as graphic design, among others – have made a mark locally and globally with their creativity and inventiveness. After 55 years of independence, we are seeing the emergence of a unique Singapore design brand – one that is modern, Asian, multi-cultural, open, informal yet pragmatic.

In the words of our executive director Mark Wee, “We see a spirit, and less a form. An attitude, and less an archetype.” For Agnes Kwek, our design ambassador, “it is the desire to always seek to make things better, to see constraints not as a problem but as an opportunity to do things differently. It is about remaining hopeful.”

This is why we’ve put together this compilation of 11 Singapore design studios and brands that have compelling brand philosophies that we believe exude the Singapore design brand. They give a small glimpse into what design in Singapore is like, and what we hope for the future.

Have a read and tell us what you think Singapore design is and stands for. 

Chapter 1: Asian at Heart, Global in View

Featured studios:

  • wohabeing
  • Hans Tan Studio
  • Studio Juju

Chapter 2: Creating new markets

Featured studios:

  • Gabriel Tan Studio
  • Supermama
  • Nathan Yong Design
  • Lanzavecchia + Wai

Chapter 3: Ready for the Future

Featured studios:

  • Jarrod Lim Design
  • Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

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