The Path To...Better Life by Design

The Asian Insights & Design Innovation unit conducted a design ethnography study in 2016, with three objectives:

  1. Uncover insights on how persons with disabilities live, work and interact with society;
  2. Innovate and reimagine social services;
  3. Provide fresh ideas and perspectives to better support persons with disabilities and their caregivers.

The Path To… Better Life by Design: Designing for persons with disabilities presents the global trends, insights and design concepts that arose from the study.

Download the publication below, and also look out for the annex which shows the Social Service Ecology Map in Singapore. The service ecology map shows a holistic view of the environment we’ve researched and would like to innovate in. 

By visualising the different stakeholders, agents, and touchpoints that affect a person with disability, we are able to see how each could potentially be related. The service ecology map lets us investigate relationships that affect all or part of the service and helps people understand the personal relevance of services.

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The Path To...Better Life by Design: Designing for persons with disabilities in Singapore

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