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VIDEO: The Designer Explains: with DP Architects

12 May 2019  •  6 min read

How would an architect meet the request of a very young client for a house with a 'money-pool'?

Here's how President*s Design Award 2018 recipient DP Architects would work together with a client for a project. Ng San Son, a director at DP Architects, breaks down his design thinking and architectural principles to demystify design. How does his young client react and is she satisfied with the end product? Let's find out.


Ng San Son

Director • DP Architects

DP Architects practices as a multidisciplinary design group, One Global Studio, with 1,100 staff, 16 strategically linked international offices from Shanghai to London, 8 associated specialist companies, with a reach of 77 countries around the world.

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