Lu Ruizhi Joyce, DesignSingapore Scholar 2016

25 Aug 2016  •  5 min read

DesignSingapore scholar 2016 Lu Ruizhi Joyce will pursue a MBA in Design Strategy, and a MFA in Design at California College of the Arts, USA. In this interview, she shares with us a passionate project; her opinion on an excellent Singaporean design; and her hopes for contributing to the design community.

(Clockwise from top left) Lu Ruizhi Joyce; (featured work) Dell Educational Compass, Joyce working, (featured work) Initial Concept Development for the Dell XPS 18.

What was the project you were most proud to share with the DesignSingapore Scholarship selection panel?

I had the pleasure of working on a research project with design researchers and futurists on global education trends and future scenarios. The experience widened my perspective in understanding people at a macro, societal level. 

What do you hope to gain from your education in California College of the Arts?

I hope to broaden my perspective of the world, strengthen my foundation in design, and equip myself with the skills and capabilities to look at problems with business and organisational acumen.

When your foreign contemporaries ask you, what would you say is representative of Singaporean design?

From the moment visitors touch down at Changi Airport till the moment they arrive at their destination in the city, they will experience the efficiency of Singapore: service excellence at Changi Airport, well-designed transport system, a glimpse of quality public housing, and a city clean, modern and beautiful. These are the outcomes of well-considered, well-thought through systemic design.

How do you intend to contribute to Singaporean design?

As a practitioner, I would like to help businesses be more innovative by making greater impact in human-centered design. As part of the Singaporean design community, I hope to keep developing my skills, share my knowledge with my peers, and guide younger designers.

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