Interview Yeo Ker Siang DesignSingapore scholar

06 Aug 2015  •  10 min read

DesignSingapore scholar Mr Yeo Ker Siang, 27, will pursue a Master of Arts in Information Experience Design at Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom. He is also recipient of the Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship 2015.

What was the project you were proudest to share with the selection panel of the DesignSingapore Scholarship?

My final-year graduation project The Irrational Affection of Comfort Things (see below). It examines objects used for psychological comfort. They may not have obvious utilitarian function, however, to the user, they have an emotional and psychological function.

When your contemporaries at Royal College of Art ask you, what would you say is representative of Singaporean design?

The thumb drive by Trek 2000 International, which we take for granted. It revolutionised how digital space is utilised, stored and transferred. The plastic bag for take-away beverage. Hawker centres for affordable, diverse food choices for everyone; and its atmosphere of controlled chaos.

How do you intend to contribute to Singaporean design?

By exploring the space that connects information with an object’s context, function, interface and interactive attributes.

The Irrational Affection of Comfort Things

Iron that hangs

Kallang Medallion

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