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Let children wonder and imagine

28 Nov 2012  •  5 min read

Photo caption: Touch, Listen and Learn

Professor Masayo Ave, a renowned design educator from Japan, held 50 school children in awe at the recently-concluded ManyWaysOfSeeing series of workshops. Conducted at the DesignSingapore Council, the objective of the sensory-based design workshops was to cultivate wonder and imagination in her young participants.

In the Touch, Listen and Learn sessions, Professor Ave imparted skills in identifying materials, how they may be used and how to use the senses to engage with different textures. The outcome of the children’s hands-on projects and a public lecture were held concurrently on 20 November.

Professor Ave also presided over a pilot workshop for pre-school educators. Her aim was to help teachers draw out the intrinsic, yet untapped sensory abilities and curiosities of their students. The Sense of Wonder workshop for pre-school educators is conducted in three phases and will culminate in a public lecture and exhibition in March 2013.

ManyWaysOfSeeing was facilitated by the Design Thinking & Innovation Academy, a programme of the DesignSingapore Council.

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