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We know how hard it is to produce creative work and run a business at the same time. Thus, the DesignSingapore Council has put together a directory of services for designers, design firms, and freelancers. You may tap on these existing services in Finance, HR, Business Insights, and Technology, to help you run your business better.

The services below are endorsed by agencies such as Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), trade bodies like the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), and professional service bodies. You may be able to tap funding in some instances. Please contact Ms. Gayathri Santhosham at if you would like more information.


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Type of Service

Name of Programme

Short Brief


Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)


ISCA Directory

The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) is the national accountancy body of Singapore. The ISCA Directory features a comprehensive listing of Singapore’s accounting firms and their service offerings.  Locate the accounting firm that meets your business needs  at




SME Financial Management Toolkit

The SME Financial Management Toolkit is an online financial management tool which allows SMEs in Singapore to analyse their own financial management capabilities and to provide businesses with resources such as articles and templates to improve their business management from a financial perspective. For more information, please visit




Tech Depot

The Tech Depot is a centralised platform aimed at improving SME’s access to technology and digital solutions. It features a wide range of solutions across industries and business functions that are pre-quailed by several government agencies for funding support. For more information, please visit




HR Portal

The HR Portal provides a wide range of HR resources to support HR operations which is easy to navigate and provide useful tips, pointers, tools and guides on how to manage specific HR matters. For more information, please visit




HR Shared Services

ESG has appointed a pool of HR service providers to offer you shared access to HR systems and services, including advisory services. For more information, please visit




Marketing Toolkit

Improve your company’s value proposition and learn how to develop marketing strategies to drive competitiveness and sales. For more information, please visit




SME Consulting Programme

SME Consulting Programme offers businesses the opportunity to engage SMU students supervised by SMU faculty or industry practitioners for branding and marketing projects, with financial support from UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute. For more information, please visit



Business Insight/Advisory

IPOS Legal Clinic

Get preliminary advice from a professional lawyer for better decision-making on cases which includes IP infringement and opposition matters. For more information, please visit



Business Insight/Advisory

IP Business Clinic

Speak with a private business consultant on IP strategies and options for businesses.  For more information, please visit



Business Insight/Advisory

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

JETRO, as a core governmental organization for attracting inward foreign direct investment, provides free support services for overseas companies planning to set up a base in Japan. Services include market information, regulations and incentives; consultation on administrative procedures related to company registration, visa applications, tax and labor matters; and temporary office space in six major cities.

For more information, please visit


These services are also available to foreign-affiliated companies already operating in the country and looking to expand their existing business base in Japan.



Business Insights & Resources

SME Portal

SME Portal is the first-stop for Singapore SME owners and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for information, tools and services to build sustainable and competitive businesses. For more information, please visit



Advisory SME Centres The SME Centres support SMEs in their business upgrading journey which includes free one-to-one business diagnosis, advisory services and capability workshops. For more information, please visit
 14 ESG In-market services: Market Study & Consultation, Business Matching, Tax Advisory and Co-working spaces Plug and Play Network Plug and Play Network assist SMEs to speed up their entry into overseas market with key information and customised market research report tailored to their products and services. For more information, please visit:  


Technology Centre of Innovations

SMEs looking for technology innovation can tap on an range of resources available through one of the eight Centre of Innovations (COIs). Each centre specialises in a different industry. For more information, please visit